What I Teach


I understand many of the problems exceptional children face in school, and I can help them with English, math, social studies, science, and many other subjects.  I assess each child’s individual needs and strengths. Then I cater my teaching style to best match their unique level of ability


I have no formal training in speech and hearing therapy, but I have had great success in encouraging exceptional children to express their needs, wants, hopes, desires, thoughts, and feelings in a socially appropriate manner, using whatever form of communication works best for them.


I have worked successfully with kids on feeding, toileting, and other personal care issues. My goal is to not only teach helpful habits, but also assist the exceptional child in creating his/her/their own healthy lifestyle and self-regulating routines.


Most children want to behave well, but sometimes they just can’t. I have extensive experience in Functional Behavior Analysis. I can determine what functions problematic behaviors serve for a child, as well as the influence of environment and motivation. Then I can develop a plan to reduce undesirable behaviors by teaching and encouraging other, desirable behaviors. I only use positive reinforcement; I never, ever use punishment.